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Persistence Pays in Search Marketing

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a website go from obscurity in the search engine rankings up to the top for its targeted keywords after a consistent and persistent optimization approach.  We recently experienced a real struggle with a client’s website that we have been trying to get ranked for months.  We didn’t see any movement in the search engines, not even an indexing for most of the keywords.  We were baffled because the site was setup up very well from an onsite SEO perpective, had a registration far into the future, has been online for months and has a whole slew of great inbound links.  Just today, after running new reports, we found that all the hard work has just finally started to pay off—and all at once it seems.

I’ve seen this happen before in the past.  It’s not very common to go from zero to hero like this, and I don’t expect that this is permanent by any means (especially if we foolishly decided to quit link building, publishing new content, and hoping to retire off of this quick boon).  However, I’m really optimistic about the long term success of this site where just a month ago I thought there might not be any hope.

The moral of the story: persistence pays off.  Stick at it, keep building links, keep publishing content, keep innovating onsite and off and you’ll see results eventually.  Up next: conversion optimization.  Now that we’re getting traffic, we need to be sure we’re doing everything possible to monetize it.  Stay tuned.