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Client: Perry Homes

“Perry Homes is dedicated to delivering a quality product to our customers. In choosing Industry Forge for our web development, we felt they shared the same goal. In the end, our new website was professionally developed and delivered to our satisfaction in the manner we envisioned.”

– Bill Perry Jr., Vice President & General Counsel, Perry Homes, Inc.

Conversion Optimization

How to Convert Visitors to Customers


If your website is not converting visitors into customers, you're missing out on a lot of potential business—not to mention wasting a lot of money on driving useless traffic.

You must decide what you want your visitors to accomplish on your site, measure and analyze traffic, and maintain those goals as a primary focus in everything you develop. If you are conscious of the Three Cs detailed below, you're likely to deliver what your visitors are looking for and convert them to leads by providing proper incentives.

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Our Three Cs of Conversion

  • Credibility
  • Communication
  • Call to Action
  1. Credibility: First and foremost, your site must look credible if you want anyone to believe a word you say. Your website is your job interview with your potential customer. If you look shabby, you're going to have to work much harder to get their business.

    On the internet you have about ten seconds to establish an impression with your visitors. If you have not impressed them enough to validate their visit to your site, they will disappear in a flash with the simple click of a button.

    Here is a link to some interesting academic research about credibility done by Stanford University.

  2. Communication: Whether selling your professional services or the latest technological contraption, you need to educate your site visitors with effective communication.

    Communication is not simply about words. You must take a holistic approach, considering writing style, composition of elements, color and a variety of other design principles.

    If you can help your visitors immediately understand your product or service by using clear, effective copywriting and a professionally crafted presentation, you are more likely to convert them into customers.

  3. Call to Action: This is the crux of your website offering. This is the reason that your visitors came to your site. It cannot be surrounded by distracting elements or cluttered with competing attention grabbers. Does the call to action on your site motivate your users to perform any measurable action? Let us do an free analysis of your site—call us now for a free consultation.

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