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Client: Perry Homes

“Perry Homes is dedicated to delivering a quality product to our customers. In choosing Industry Forge for our web development, we felt they shared the same goal. In the end, our new website was professionally developed and delivered to our satisfaction in the manner we envisioned.”

– Bill Perry Jr., Vice President & General Counsel, Perry Homes, Inc.

SEO Website Design

Get your business found! Get a search friendly site!

SEO Website Design

Choosing Industry Forge to create your search engine friendly website means your business will more likely be found on the search engine's results pages. Whether you need a website developed from scratch, or need us to evaluate and improve your existing site, we can help you improve your online presence by employing smart on-site SEO strategies that will work in your site's favor. If you don't have a site for your business, you'll save time and money by launching your site built with the latest search engine friendly web design techniques and industry standards in mind. Also, because of the way we structure our websites, you or your SEO professional can make ongoing modifications and adjustments very quickly and easily.

Read below to learn about a few of the things we do to make your site search engine friendly and SEO ready.

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What Does Search Engine Friendly Mean?

Without the essential elements built in to your site's structure, you'll have to pay an SEO professional a bundle of money once you want to begin any serious search engine optimization. We take into consideration a number of important on-site optimization factors for each of the sites we build. Here are just a few:

  • Markup & Tags: This is the language of the search engine spiders. If Google, Yahoo or MSN sends a spider to your site, will it know what the pages are about? We make sure that each page on your site has the proper HTML elements to help the spider clearly understand what your page is about—providing the necessary structure around keywords to help you in your SEO efforts.

  • XML Sitemaps & Robots Text File: We'll include a few very valuable files in the root directory of your site so that search engines know what pages you have on your site that you would like indexed and leave alone those sections you want under wraps.

    The XML sitemap that we'll create will identify the hierarchical navigational structure of your website that the spiders will use to index your pages.

    The robots.txt file will also be helpful for search engine spiders that come to index your site—they'll know exactly what to look for, and what to avoid.

  • Redirects & 404 Protection: If you once had a page on your website that no longer exists but was indexed by a search engine, you need to ensure that you handle incoming traffic for the old URL properly.

    If someone clicks on a link from a search engine to your website only to get an error (404 error - page not found), you're likely to be penalized by the search engine. Each of our websites is built with a redirect script to properly redirect the user from an old page to its new equivalent and tell the search engine that the old page has moved!

  • Pretty (or Static-Type) URLs: Pretty URLs will give you higher click-through rates on your links indexed by search engines because they are easier for users to read and understand what's going to be on the page they are about to click on. Pretty URLs ensure that all the major search engines are able to easily index your site's pages.

    Pretty URLs are website addresses for pages that are simple for humans to read. You're seen the URLs with &s, #s and ~s that are difficult to read and even harder to explain to someone on the phone ("What are those characters called anyway?").

    We build our sites to use user-friendly URLs for every page. It's a small thing, but the attention to detail is what often makes the biggest difference.

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