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“The newly designed is a vast improvement over past iterations of the site. The new design created better usability, increasing conversions and community participation.”

– Mark Adams, Dir. of Community Development, Omniture

App Development & Programming

Yeah, we're a bunch of geeks.

Application Development and Programming

We're like those guys who talk in all acronyms and chuckle at obscure sci-fi movie references, only we are able to communicate with you too!

All kidding aside, a sound understanding of web technologies could make or break your project. This is the 90% of the iceberg that's underwater. You likely will never see it, and you probably will not ever want to. But what you can't see will hurt you if it's not done right.

Our talented staff is fun to work with and pretty easy going despite our unnatural understanding of tech stuff.

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Here below is a list of a few of our most prominent technical abilities and tools that we use consistently with our clients:

  • Open Source to .NET: Whatever technology you use for your current website or require for your new one, we have experience working with many of the most popular development frameworks and platforms. We can help you take your site to the next level with our breadth of experience.

  • LAMP Stack: A cool acronym for the development platform consisting of a Linux operating system running Apache Web Server, MySQL and PHP.

    Although there are tons of cool platforms, frameworks and development technologies out there, this one has the time-tested reliability that our clients demand.

  • Ruby on Rails: There are occasions when this framework is a great fit for the development project at hand. We've seen few frameworks that were better thought-out than this one. Delivering simple prototypes to clients is often not more than a few weeks away when we use this powerful tool.

  • Hosting & DNS Management: Behind every webpage is a server that delivers HTML, images, video and more to each and every person requesting it from your site. We believe in deploying our client's sites to a reliable hosting environment to avoid unnecessary downtime.

    Once hosting is set up, we can help you get your DNS files configured properly to avoid any downtime between taking down your old site and putting up the newly created Industry Forge masterpiece.

  • Code Management & Versioning: Other web development firms trip over themselves and your other service providers when they do not know how to properly manage code. Because we use the latest in code management technologies, you are sure to have your code neatly secured in a repository available for on-demand retrieval. Storing your website's code this way also prevents people from overwriting each other's work when you have more than one person contributing to your website.

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